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What to Bring (Regular VISA applicants)

(For applicants turned away by US Border
Services or non VISA requirements, please go to the bottom for further information)

1. Appointment letter (in paper format) or other instructions that you received from the U.S. Government or your legal adviser that show your alien/case number/MTL number.

2. If registered on eMedical online with DS-260 form, you do not need to bring any photos. 

No photos are needed. We take your picture here.

3. All your immunization information. (unless Waiver or Consulate interview from Toronto)

Click on Immunizations to determine what you need according to your age group.

The US Consulate site does not specify Immunizations by age group, so please use our site to determine what you may need.

Failure to have all necessary immunizations prior to your visit may result in a delay in receiving your immigration package. COVID-19 vaccination is now a requirement. You must show full vaccination to be eligible to travel to the US.

If you are pregnant bring a note from your doctor confirming the pregnancy and indicating the estimated date of delivery.

Medical Information required:

Past and present health problems

History of any operations or hospital admissions

Medication you are taking

All of your immunization records confirmed by your doctor and up to date as per the requirements detailed on the Immunization information page.

If you are being treated for any medical or psychiatric condition, please bring as much documentation as possible.

Any history of diseases of public health significance like tuberculosis, leprosy, syphilis, HIV and other sexually
transmitted diseases.

Proof of treatment in written form from your doctor for these diseases.

Any history of illness like heart disease, stroke, TIA, diabetes, cancer or kidney disease.

Any surgical history.

Treatment for any medical or psychiatric problem.

Please bring any medical documentation detailing your medical history if you have any unusual medical conditions.

Physical Exam:

The panel Physician will conduct a physical exam that normally does NOT include pelvic or a rectal exam.

Women having their period can be examined.

Blood Test and Urine test: (No fasting required)

Applicants 18-24 years will have a blood test for VDRL (syphilis) and a urine test for gonorrhea.

Applicants 25-44 years will have a blood test for VDRL (syphilis).

If you have any history of a sexually transmitted disease, please bring a report from a physician or health department outlining the treatment you received. 

Chest X-Ray: (done on the main floor of our Medical building at X-Ray Associates)


Applicants 15 years and older require a chest x-ray.

U.S. Regulations currently effective in Canada state:

“Women who are pregnant are required to have a chest x-ray to immigrate.
Pregnant women will need to provide consent for the chest x-ray.”

Our radiologist will provide the lead shielding prescribed to protect your abdominal and pelvic regions.

We are unable to exempt anyone from these regulations.

Anyone with past abnormalities on chest x-ray  should bring old films with them to the appointment. 

For applicants turned away by US Border Services:

I-275 FORM is required or else assessment cannot be done

There would be 3 reasons:

1. Psychiatric history- Bring medical records from your Family Doctor and/or Psychiatrist along with any Hospital records. You must be stable for the past 12 months to be eligible to enter the US.
2. Criminal record- Bring any Police/Court documents you have
3. Alcohol/Drug history- Bring any medical records detailing alcohol/drug use and any rehab notes as well as drug testing over the past 12 months to prove you have been drug free

This assessment requires full records detailing whichever problem occurred. Police, court records, medical reports, anything else pertaining to the reason.

The fee is $500 for this assessment. Also bring your passport. No photos are needed.

The applicant must have a letter from US Border Services detailing the reason they were turned away.

There is no blood work, no chest x-ray, and no immunizations required. 

Please note: US Government requires one year proof of being drug free to be eligible to travel to the US.

If this is not available, then the only option would be to apply for a waiver, done through the Consulate.