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Immigration Information

Dr. Zatzman does New Zealand, Canada, and US immigration medicals. 

Fees for New Zealand, and Canada are:

Medical Exam $200 for adults (15 years of age and over) , Chest x-ray $70, and Blood work $10-40(depending on what blood work is needed) .

For under 15 years of age $150 Chest X-ray $70 (11 years old and over).

Our office is eMedical enabled and no photos are needed.

No charge for Refugee Applicants for Canada, but please bring your Refugee Papers for confirmation of status.

Please bring your IRCC registration paper for Canadian applicants

Please bring your NZER ID registration paper for New Zealand applicants.

Fees for US immigration are:

Medical Exam $260 for adults (15 years of age and over) chest x-ray $70, and blood work/urine $20

For under 15 years old $180 (no Chest x-ray/blood work necessary).  

Your payment can be in cash or Debit card only.
We do NOT accept cheques.

Please bring your Government ID (Passport preferred) and a list of any medications you take and a detailed medical history of any disorders you may have now or in the past.