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Immigration Information

Dr. Zatzman does Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and US immigration medicals. 

‚ÄčFees for Australia, New Zealand, and Canada are $270 inclusive for adults (15 years of age and over) medical exam ($200), chest x-ray ($60), and blood work ($10) and $150 for under 15 years of age.

For US immigration, the fee is $320 inclusive for adults (15 years of age and over) chest x-ray ($60), and blood work/urine ($20) and $150 for under 15 years old.  Your payment can be in cash or Debit card only.
We do NOT accept cheques.

Australia and Canada now use eMedical online registration with Internet connection for all medicals.

For Canada immigration, IRCC require an IME number prior to booking medical for Family applications.
Please make sure to register with eMedical prior to booking your appointment.

US immigration is done by paper forms and requires full immunization records up to date to be presented.

The medical report is usually ready within one week, due to the time it takes to receive X-ray and Blood work results.

Please refer to the Immunizations page for detailed requirements.

Also, please bring a list of any medications you take and a detailed medical history of any disorders you may have now or in the past.